Mayel de Borniol

Mayel de Borniol

Hacking the World

Hi! I’m Mayel. A developer and social entrepreneur who enjoys understanding and hacking systems, and occasionally designing and building new ones.

I've had the pleasure of building a lot of fun projects, including: Podemus, a podcasting platform (one of the first, back in 2005); LeLab.TV, a video platform (for which I also produced video content); Babelverse, an award-winning startup that took on the challenge of creating the 'universal translator', and now as a solidarity volunteer for many grassroots organisations in Greece, I’m helping set up computer labs and digital solutions to meet the needs of refugees.

Recent projects include:

With over 10 years experience as a startup founder and over 15 years as a full-stack web app developer, I can help with a wide range of projects.

Whether it be defining a project’s strategy, designing the features and architecture, building and launching the website or app, or setting up the servers.

On top of my core skills (programming, sysadmin, and tech in general), I’ve been in charge of things like product design, UX, project management, planning, fundraising, team building, community, customer service, branding, press, social media, and even marketing/sales when unavoidable…

I’m currently available for:

  • Remote, short-term consulting and/or programming work
  • Investigating the needs you and your users have, and finding optimal solutions
  • Collaborating through email / Skype / instant messaging / Trello
  • Delivering code (PHP/JS/HTML/etc) via Git

My specialities include:

  • Full-Stack Website & App Development, PHP Back-End Programming, Javascript/HTML/CSS Front-End, Building APIs, Integrating APIs & SDKs...
  • Infrastructure Design & Setup, Server & Cloud Administration, IT Management, Database Design & Administration...
  • Information Architecture, Product Development, Project Management, Technical Innovation, Blockchain Applications...
  • Consulting on Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Building Online Communities...
  • Translation, Casual Interpretation, Managing Large-Scale Translation & Localisation Projects, Sourcing Linguists Globally...
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